JPN is an innovative and awesome plate created for my first Kickstarter crowdfuning campaign.

Born for sushi, it is also perfect for every dish that requires a dip sauce. 

In this project i wanted add new meanings and my plate reminds the japanese flag and the silhouette takes the shape of Fujiama mount. 

It's an handmade dish to share your favourite food at dinner; useful for a chef artist or for a pastry master or just for a food addicted.

It's 100% made in italy for a 100% tasty meal.

I believe that share a meal with someone is the best moment we can have during a day.

JPN literally means Join People Naturally because he thinks that food has the power to connect individuals for a meal.

Also i realized that this happens in all cultures around the world and he wanted design something that underlines this idea. 

It's not only a sushi plate, in fact JPN it can be used for all kind of dishes that needs a 'dip' and to be shared by any person and situation.

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